After having known him for years and even hosting him in my home, I finally got to visit my buddy Lamin Cassama on his own home turf in Stockholm, the beautiful capital of Sweden... or as we called it, Stokeholm!  While I was there mostly to hang out with Lamin, I did manage to attend the Stockholm Open at Hödalen where I spent some time with Erik Lundberg, former downhill world champion, whom I had gotten to know at other events during the summer.  One night, Lamin and I went out partying and ended up at a McDonald's.  A friendly local we ended up talking to, who thought we were cool, invited us to go to a big soccer match between the two biggest Stockholm teams – a so-called Civil War match – and the underdog team (who our new friend was rooting for) ended up winning! It was crazy exciting! People take their soccer pretty seriously over there.

I didn't have time to do much sight-seeing, and I know there's a lot of really awesome things to see, so hopefully I'll manage to get back sometime soon!