I’ve been hearing a lot about North Carolina the past year or so and had to check it out. I called up my good buddy Matt McKeon of Team Broke Off – a local sherpa to all the secret spots – and organized what would become one of the most action-packed skate trips I’ve been on. My Moonshine MFG teammate and fellow badass Nick Pappas came along for the ride.

Our trip started with two days in Charlotte, NC, Matt’s hometown and current city of residence. While there we explored the city, played with the skateboards in some fountains, mapped out our plan of action for the next 10 days, and talked over a few different video ideas.

Busting a fat heelside slide. That thane tho!

Busting a fat heelside slide. That thane tho!

We decided on spending all our time in the Asheville area because logistically it’d be easier and Matt assured Nick and I that there are like 75 rad runs all within an hour drive... so we knew we wouldn’t get bored.

Big ups to Asheville Pastry Boys Tyler and David for showing us a good time letting us crash at your place for a week. You guys are the real MVPs! They’ve been hosting skaters from all over since forever and are truly doing it for the love of the sport. You can follow their shenanigans @ashevillepastryboys.

Nick Pappas and I spent some time shredding the gnar in North Carolina with Team Broke Off. Bombing in the dry is cool and all, but when it's pouring rain... Moonshine's 100% waterproof construction is on point!  This video is titled "Wet Dreams." Watch it and you'll see why!