Brandon, a 24-year-old professional longboarder from Salem, Oregon has made a name for himself in skateboarding, primarily as a competitive downhill longboarder, traveling around the world shredding hills and learning new tricks.

"Growing up in a small town in the Pacific Northwest, I was involved in sports and photography from a young age. After five years as a competitive wrestler, I discovered downhill skateboarding when I was about 15 and immediately set out to not just be good at it, but to become one of the best. Working my way through school, I even delivered Jimmy Johns sandwiches by skateboard – challenging myself to be faster than the other guys with cars and bikes. In the eight years since, I’ve gained both skill and a sizable following on social media. I’m known for an aggressive but refined style.

I’m currently sponsored by several brands and travel the world regularly for competitions and media opportunites. For Moonshine Mfg., a high-end specialty board company, I help plan marking strategy, manage social media, and lead our international team of skateboarders.

I was in college studying business, sports marketing and photography for two-and-a-half years. I even managed to make it onto the President’s List for academic excellence. I decided to take time off from my studies, however, when the unique opportunity arose to use my skateboarding skills to do stunt work in a feature film. Released in 2017, I served as Vin Diesel’s stunt double for the skateboarding scenes in the film “xXx 3: The Return of Xander Cage.”

Currently I’m continuing my pursuit of a BA in marketing at Portland State University. I have plans to finish college and, of course, to keep racing and appearing on podiums around the world holding my skateboard up in the air!"

Profile banner photo: Kevin Carlton
Above photos: Erik Olson, Adam LaPierre, Unknown crew member, Erik Derycke



  • First Pro Model Board | “Proscrito” by Moonshine MFG


  • 1st | Brixton Outlaw (USA)

  • 2nd | KnK Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship (Slovenia)

  • 3rd | Transylvania Downhill Straja (Romania)


  • 2nd | El Guama Downhill (Puerto Rico)

  • 3rd | Comerío Downhill Fest (Puerto Rico)

  • 5th | Sun Peak’s Time Trials (Canada)

  • 10th | King’s Gate IDF World Cup (Austria)


  • Stunt Doubled for Vin Diesel | “xXx 3: Return of Xander Cage” (Dominican Republic)

  • First Video with Red Bull | KnK Longboard Camp

  • 2nd | Descens Del Pal (Spain)

  • 7th | Teolo IDF World Qualifying Series (Italy)


  • 1st | Maryhill Uphill Challenge (USA)

  • 1st | Switchbacks PDX

  • 1st | TU Path Dash (USA)

  • 2nd | King of Cathlamet (USA)

  • 2nd | Cathlamet Downhill Corral - Push Race (USA)

  • 2nd | Cathlamet Downhill Corral - Big Air (USA)

  • 2nd | P-Town Throwdown (USA)


  • 1st | Cathlamet Downhill Corral - Push Race

  • 1st | P-Town Throwdown

  • 1st | Push in the Woods

  • 1st | W/J Park Opener Fundraiser Push Race

  • 1st | Hops & Heritage Festival Push Race

  • 2nd | Roller Boogie Slide Jam

  • 2nd | NW Slide-O-Rama

  • 3rd | Switchbacks PDX


  • First Full-Page Print Ad | For Seismic Skate in Concrete Wave Magazine

  • 1st | Cathlamet Downhill Corral - Push Race

  • 1st | Hop & Heritage Festival Push Race

  • 1st | Boomtown Freeride 8 - Longest Slide

  • 2nd | Centennial Trail Push Race (5k)

  • 2nd | P-Town Throwdown

  • 2nd | Dallas Ride & Slide

  • 3rd | Switchbacks PDX

  • 3rd | Centennial Trail Push Race (half-marathon)

  • 3rd | Centennial Trail Push Race (1mi)

  • 4th | Push in the Woods


  • Became an Ordained Minister | I can marry you

  • 1st | Capital City Couch Race (yes, a downhill race on a full-size couch)

  • 1st | Race to Feed the Homeless

  • 2nd | Vancouver Vixen Push Race

  • 2nd | Cathlamet Downhill Coral - Downhill Juniors Division

  • 3rd | Cathlamet Downhill Coral - Push Race

  • 3rd | Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon

  • 3rd | SwitchBacks PDX


  • First Sponsor | Tiger Skateworks

  • 1st | Boone to Bush Night Race

  • 1st | Capital City Couch Race (yes, a downhill race on a full-size couch)

  • 2nd | Minto Brown Push Race

  • 2nd | Vancouver Vixen Push Race

  • 3rd | Dallas Ride & Slide

  • 3rd | P-Town Throwdown

  • 3rd | Cathlamet Downhill Corral - Push Race


  • Lost | My Virginity

  • 2nd | Cathlamet Downhill Corral - Push Race