I was recently interviewed by Red Bull Slovenia regarding the annual “No Paws Down” World Championships that they hold every year in Osilnica, Slovenia during the KnK Longboard Camp.

Click HERE to hear about my full experience at the 2018 event.

How does one get into Downhill Longboarding?

As with most extreme sports, there isn’t much infrastructure so a lot of the learning comes from word of mouth and online videos. However, Camp Woodwings in the French alps organizes 4 week-long longboard training camps per year. Depending on which session you attend, they offer courses ranging from the basics of longboarding to advanced downhill and racing tactics.

Is it a very physical sport or is it all about talent on the board?

In the end it all comes down to talent and technique. Although, it’s no coincidence that you consistently see the better trained athletes on top of podiums around the world. Having exceptional flexibility and core strength goes a long way in keeping you more agile, stable, and powerful on board - all necessary skills for out-racing the competition.

They say Red Bull No Paws Down is a race like no other. Why is that?

What makes the Red Bull No Paws Down event so unique is the level of competition. It’s one hell of a challenge to even make it down the Bear’s Guts without putting a hand down. Racing full send with 3 other guys is on a whole other level!

How much harder is Stand up racing compared to “normal DH Longboarding”?

Stand-up riding is significantly harder due to that fact that all the balance comes from your wheels as opposed to using your hands as an extra point of contact. In traditional racing, you can be much more aggressive with your maneuvers. Stand up racing on the other hand forces you have to be more cautious and tactful throughout the course. 1 touch and you’re eliminated!

What do you think about Bear’s Guts venue?

Its 18 hairpin corners and perfect pavement make the Bear’s Guts, by far, one of the best tracks for a world-class No Paws Down event. With speeds of up to 90km/h and over 5 minutes of racing, this course pushes the limits of technique and endurance.