Super stoked to be coming back to Europe for the fourth summer in a row!

This year I’m focusing a bit less on competition and more on the overall stoke I get from longboarding. Racing on the IDF circuit is one hell of a time, but after 3 years of doing the same events I’m looking for something different. To simplify things, I won’t be bringing my leathers or a suitcase full of race wheels this year. Honestly pretty hyped about not lugging all that stuff around!

I’ll be spending about half my time as the head instructor for Camp Woodwings in the French Alps. If you’re not familiar with Woodwings, it’s a longboarding summer camp focused on sharing our knowledge and passion for riding in a safe and encouraging environment. They even have drift trike and free boarding lessons which is pretty dope!

Antoine Carlotti sliding a fatty left from Camp Woodwings’ famous downhill run.

Antoine Carlotti sliding a fatty left from Camp Woodwings’ famous downhill run.

Below I put together a quite list of the plans I’ve got locked in. I’ve still git plenty of availability in August, so HMU if there are any longboarding events or stuff in general I should consider going to.

My 2019 Eurotour Schedule

  • June 17 | Start Eurotour – Frankfurt, Germany

  • June 18 - 22 | Moonshine shop tour – Germany

  • June 23 - July 27 | Camp Woodwings – Annecy, France

  • July 30 - August 4 | KnK Longboard Camp – Osilnica, Slovenia

  • August 5 - August 10 | The Riders Project video – Austria

  • August 27 | End Eurotour – USA

Don’t hesitate to shoot me a message if you’ll be at any of these longboard events or just want to meet up. I’m always stoked to meet new people.

Huge shoutout to Moonshine MFG for all the support in making this trip a reality. You guys are the real MVP!