Today marks the first day of my three-month adventure through Europe. After two delayed flights and Condor Airlines losing my bags, I'm finally here. Hopefully my bags show up at the airport tomorrow!! During this time I'll be competing and adventuring all over in countries like Austria, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, and many more (full list below).

I'll be spending my first night here in Graz, Austria with Pablo Quiles at the Big Mountain Skate house. I spent a bit of time with Pablo last year and couldn't be more stoked to be rolling with this legendary homie again. 

Pablo Quiles giving no fucks on our way to Kozakov last year

Pablo Quiles giving no fucks on our way to Kozakov last year

In case you guys aren't familiar with All Year Long, they're a new media organization dedicated to creating and representing the best longboarding content from all over the world. They'll be documenting my journey with Pablo and a hand-picked group of some of the best riders in the world over the next six weeks. They call it "Summer Skate 2k17 European-Edition." To top it all off, they'll even be creating a super high-quality A3-size magazine at the end of the year featuring all the best moments. 

All Year Long Summer Skate 2k17 European Edition

All Year Long Summer Skate 2k17 European Edition

And just when you thought it couldn't get any more rad, they'll be live streaming all the biggest events in Europe as well as a few in North America later this year. Make sure to stay posted here on my site and I'll keep you updated on their plans!

You could say I'M STOKED!!

Upcoming events include ...

July 2-7 Transylvania Downhill - Straja, Hunedoara County, Romania
July 13-16  King's Gate - Klippitztörl Pass, Wolfsburg, Austria
July 19-22 Kozakov Downhill Challenge - Turnov, Czech Republic
July 26-29  Verdiccio Race - Poggio Cupro, Italy
August 1-6 KnK Longboard Camp (Week 2) - Osilnica, Slovenia
August 4-6  Teolo - Teolo, Padua, Italy

While the first half of my trip is pretty well booked, the second half, all the way until September 29th, is open. I have a few ideas in mind but would love to hear where you guys think I should go. Please leave a comment below or shoot me a message and maybe we can meet up and shred your local spots!

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