Just landed in Berlin, Germany to kick off my third Eurotour in a row. My main goals for this year include making a video of every event I attend, winning the KnK Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship, and visiting new riders and spots from around Europe.

Below is a list of all the events and travel plans I have locked in. It's looking pretty stacked already, but I still have quite a bit of availability between all.

2018 Eurotour Schedule

  • June 12 Start Eurotour – Berlin, Germany

  • June 24 - 30 Transylvania Downhill Straja – Lupeni, Romania

  • July 7 - 14 Camp Woodwings – Annecy, France

  • July 16 - 21 Kozakov Race – Kozakov, Czech Republic

  • July 23 - August 5 KnK Longboard Camp Weeks 1 + 2 – Osilnica, Slovenia

  • August 9 - 13 Docksessions – Paris, France

  • August 15 - 27 Chillin' – Mallorca, Spain

  • August 29 - September 7 Skate Trip – Alicante, Spain

  • September 18 End Eurotour – Oregon, USA

Don't be shy to reach out and maybe we can link up and skate, film, grab a beer, etc. Again, I'd love to meet new people a see new things this summer. Maybe you can recommend a rad event I've never heard of!

Anyways, huge shoutout to Moonshine MFG for making this trip a reality. Couldn't be more stoked!