First off, I just want to make it clear that this isn't a hate post, but more of an appreciative, new-opportunities type of post.

Thank You Abec 11

Since I started skating nine years ago and bought my first set of classic free rides, Abec 11 was my dream sponsor. During this time they were arguably the most prominent force in downhill skating media. They had all the best riders including James Kelly, Scoot Smith, and even Kevin Reimer (now the brand manager and mastermind behind Powell Peralta Downhill wheels). 

I've been riding for Abec 11 for almost four years now. Throughout this time they've been nothing but supportive. Aside from hooking me up with the xXx Vin Diesel movie gig, they really believed in me and pushed me to do my best. Much love goes out to Chris Chaput and Brad Teschner for keeping me motivated and really driving me to be the best I can be. And for that, I couldn't be more thankful. <3

So Why Powell Peralta?

Over the past three years I've grown a lot. I'm older, wiser, more experienced, and above all, my priorities are in a different place. Nowadays I value quality so much more than quantity - in every aspect of my life. That being said, I truly believe Powell Peralta aligns more cohesively with my goals and ambitions as well as offering the best urethane on the market. 

Kevin Reimer and the Powell Peralta Downhill (previously These wheels) crew have tested over 200 formulas the past few years. Everything from 68a to 104a. To top that off, at each duro and formula "family" there were at least ten, sometimes 30 samples.

From Kevin:

"The fact that we've been in business for 40 years says a lot, and that we are the singular and only company that does destructive testing in house. Without our robust R&D department, we couldn't have led the charge in wheel production for decades. We actually understand the properties and materials, whereas the other companies are at the whim of the pouring house. We make our own moulds. It's all organically created here."

My Experience with Powell Peralta Wheels

Ever since I tried my first set of Powell Peralta Snakes back in October 2017 I've been hooked! Powell Peralta's proprietary Soft Slide Formula, or SSF for short, is truly unlike anything I've ever ridden. They're consistent, durable, and feel good in every condition I've throw at them. Whether it be a cold rainy day, mountainous chunder runs, or some dreamy neighborhood pavement, these wheels feel smooth, fast, and safe - no more high sides!

Below is a video of me skating some 70mm Powell Peralta Scales on a Californian gem named "Gnarnia" back in December. You can really see the wheels glide across the pavement so effortlessly!

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